Alright, so as it seems, the roleplay thread was a success. Now what I want to learn from you guys is how can it improve, and what would you like to do for the next campaign?

First, I would like to establish the currency system. All of you collected some gold and silver throughout the plot, but I also need to determine how much you started out with, and what you can do with your gold. I do not want to do a food buying system, nor do I really want to have you buy the little things like flint, or lumber or things like that, all of that would be low enough price to not worry about. So, that's something to mull over. I will go through the thread and see how much each of you got from the journey (plus the price of Labby's gold nugget) and add it into whatever your starter gold is.

If there are any thoughts, by all means post it on this thread. I would like to start the new campaign soonish, so be sure to let me know what all of you think.